The Advocate Center

Chicago Bulls Training Facility

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Floor Type: Robbins MVP®Sportwood

Robbins Dealer: Floors, Inc.

Sq. Ft: 20,000

“The staff believes [that Robbins floors] are the best available. If they were not superior floors, we would not have installed them in our facilities.”

Project Overview:

Completed in fall 2014, the Chicago Bulls training facility is a state-of-the-technology center featuring the most innovative sports flooring on the market: MVP®, Robbins’ proprietary sports flooring designed to eliminate athlete fatigue to prevent injury. The facility has two full-size basketball courts constructed with 20,000 square feet of industry-leading, bio-engineered Maximum Vibration Protection® flooring, along with Sportwood® weight-lifting stations. Robbins dealer Floors, Inc., was selected among vendors to provide the flooring and installation because of their superior reputation as sports flooring experts and high customer-service ratings. “The finished product proves that your workers and management team are of the highest quality professionals in your industry,” wrote Karen S. Umlauf, senior director of basketball administration for the Bulls, in a thank-you letter. “The new wood athletic floor is certainly a centerpiece to the new facility, and the expertise your firm showed throughout the entire project is appreciated. The Chicago Bulls are very happy with the new floor, and we look forward to a continued professional relationship with Floors Incorporated.” Also, “the Bento Center [former practice facility] and the Advocate Center have always used Robbins floors,” Umlauf added.

Proven Safety:

When it comes to the most advanced floor in the entire industry, the MVP® is in a class by itself. It’s been third-party tested and proven to reduce muscle fatigue and eliminates or minimizes floor vibrations, which significantly lower the risk of injury. Meaning, it’s exactly what champs like the Bulls need.

Proven Performance:

“The staff believes [that Robbins floors] are the best available. If they were not superior floors, we would not have installed them in our facilities,” said Umlauf. And given the unparalleled comfort, responsiveness, uniform ball bounce and shock absorption of the MVP, it’s easy to see why this was their latest floor system choice.

Proven Winners:

Given the Bulls’ 20-year record for most won games, several championships — many won consecutively — and Forbes standing as the third most valuable NBA franchise, they’ve certainly made the right choices in sports flooring to boost performance and enhance safety.