About Robbins Sports Surfaces

We put more than 120 years of experience into every best-in-class floor we make.

A long history of excellence
Robbins was established as a family-owned flooring installation company in 1894 and began manufacturing in the mid-1930s. From the start, our focus was on delivering the highest quality products possible. Through the years we innovated and pushed the limits of what should be expected in flooring. We saw opportunities to rethink sports flooring and began honing in on design, manufacturing and distribution in the 1980s. This renewed focus led us to engineering breakthroughs in quality, longevity, safety and benefits to athletes from the floor. Our full line of Performing Arts and Stage Flooring, introduced in 2015, is a natural extension of our passion for ensuring athletes and artists have the very best surfaces on which to perform.

  • Over 200 million square feet of maple flooring installed
  • Over 50 million square feet synthetic surfaces installed

We continue to innovate and improve

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies maximize the use of raw materials while reducing the impact on the environment. This reflects the foundation of our product development—increasing product quality and performance while decreasing raw materials used in sourcing, manufacture and installation.

Our featured basketball flooring:

  • MVP
  • Continuous Strip® XL
  • XLplus
  • Zero-G Shock Pad
  • Sportwood®
  • Pulastic®

Complete line of sports flooring:

  • Main Gym
  • Aux Gym
  • Weight Room
  • Running Track
  • Group Fitness Cardio Fitness

Preferred by top sports programs at every level

You’ll find Robbins sports flooring in use at 22 out of 30 NBA teams, countless NCAA programs at each level, plus thousands of schools, churches, and YMCA’s across the US and Canada.

  • NBA practice courts including; Cavaliers, Lakers, Spurs, Pacers, Bulls, Magic, Pelicans, Hornets, Timberwolves and most recently, the Brooklyn Nets!
  • 16 of 30 NBA Game Floors including Lakers, Wizards, Magic, Pacers and Cavaliers.
  • NCAA Game Floor Installations Including; Duke, I.U., UCLA, U. Conn., NC, Kentucky and Michigan

You’ll find us around the world

In order to ensure programs and athletes around the world have access to the Robbins quality and engineering, Robbins has manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and the Netherlands, and sales offices in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Vancouver.

Our incredible dealers make the difference in person

We rely on our network of preferred dealers across the US and around the world to deliver Robbins quality with exceptional personal service. You can find a Robbins certified dealer in more than 65 countries.

In the US, Robbins seeks to maintain one dealer of record per state. Why should this matter? Because most manufacturers sell to multiple contractors who cover broad territories, brands and products. By maintaining certified dealers, we help ensure that Robbins floors are installed and serviced properly from the very start.

We’re a founding member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA)

We are committed not only to making the best sports surfaces possible, but also to ensuring responsible management of natural resources around the world. Through our membership with the MFMA, we help set and maintain grading standards, ensure consistent grading mill to mill and uphold rigorous jobsite technical inspections. We start with the MFMA PUR Standards for quality and add the Robbins

The Science Behind The Floor Matters

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