About Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins- More Than 120 Years Of Experience

  • A family owned, Ohio based corporation headquartered in Cincinnati
    • Installation company in 1894
    • Began manufacturing products in the mid 1930’s
    • Focus on design, manufacturing and distribution of sports flooring in the 1980’s
    • In 2007, introduced a residential solid hardwood flooring line
    • In 2015, introduced full line of Performing Arts and Stage Flooring
  • Manufacturer and Distributor of:
    • Maple Sports Surface Systems
    • Synthetic Sports Surface Systems
  • Manufacturing in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Netherlands.
  • Full time Research and Development Team
  • Sales Offices: Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis & Vancouver.

MFMA Mill Member

  • Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
    • Founding Member
    • Governing body
    • Stamped on maple backside
    • Sets grading standards
    • Ensures consistent grading mill to mill
    • Conflict resolution
    • Jobsite technical inspections
  • MFMA PUR Standards

Robbins Dealer Network

The key to our success!!

  • International Dealer Network spanning 6 continents and reaching more than 65 countries
  • In the US, typically we have one 1 dealer of record per state. This is unique to Robbins in the Industry. Other mills will sell material to multiple contractors. This assures a quality installation with trained contractor on the installation procedures of Robbins products.
  • Why is this important? Because the warranty and the floor are only as good as the company that installed it! With Robbins and our dealer network, the warranty for the job comes from BOTH companies!

The Proven Leader in Sports Flooring

  • NBA practice courts including; Cavaliers, Lakers, Spurs, Pacers, Bulls, Magic, Pelicans, Hornets, Timberwolves and most recently, the Brooklyn Nets!
  • 15 of 30 NBA Game Floors including Lakers, Wizards, Magic, Pacers and Cavaliers.
  • NCAA Game Floor Installations Including; Duke, I.U., UCLA, U. Conn., NC, Kentucky and Michigan
  • Thousands of K-12 Schools, Churches, YMCAs etc.
  • Over 200 million square feet of maple flooring installed
  • Over 50 million square feet synthetic surfaces installed

The Robbins Sports Difference – Why Robbins?

  • The Best Authorized Dealer Network
    • Good Robbins dealers are everywhere in North America
    • Exclusive sales territories
  • Unique products with the most advanced Research and Development team
    • MVP, Continuous Strip® XL, XLplus, Zero-G Shock Pad, Sportwood®, Pulastic®, Custom finishes etc.
  • Complete line of sports flooring (One Stop Shopping)
    • Main Gym, Aux Gym, Weight Room, Running Track, Group Fitness Cardio Fitness etc.
  • Most extensive experience with floors at the highest level of performance
    • NBA and NCAA
  • In-house expertise
    • Hundreds of years of industry experience
    • In-house performance testing capabilities

Robbins Sports Surfaces: The Most Trusted Name in Sports Flooring®

The Science Behind The Floor Matters

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