Hardwood Flooring Systems

Robbins Sports Surfaces – The game changer of the sports flooring industry. 

For over 125 years, Robbins has been the premier supplier of high-quality, high-performance maple sports flooring systems for the professional, collegiate, arena, K-12, religious, and fitness markets. In over 65 countries, athletes compete and practice on millions of square feet of Robbins sports surfaces. Professionals and amateurs alike know when they play on a Robbins system, they will be able to play at peak levels, safely and comfortably. Designing sports flooring systems that will benefit the athlete and the facility owner is Robbins’ passion and delivering on this passion has led to more than 25 patents over the years. Explore our hardwood sport flooring systems below. If you have any questions, contact us – we’re here to help!


Maximum Vibration Protection

  • Robbins most innovative design focuses on optimizing biomechanical interaction between the athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity
  • Excellent energy return improves performance, comfort, and safety
  • Vibration damping reduces muscle fatigue and lessens risk of athlete injury


  • Durable anchored construction means long lifespan and low lifecycle costs
  • Superior safety and performance make it a top choice among facilities
  • Continuous subfloors support heavy loads and gym equipment


  • Durable anchored system that is both economical and resilient to minimize dead spots and increase comfort 
  • Continuous subfloor supports heavy loads, gym equipment, and bleachers
  • Meets and exceeds all 3rd party industry standards for optimal safety and performance

Air-Channel® Star

  • Traditional sleeper system with Bio-Pads for added resiliency and comfort
  • Durable anchored construction means long lifespan and low life-cycle costs
  • Optional continuous floor for added heavy load support


  • Edge grain maple for superior durability
  • Sportwood is an environmentally friendly product that is comprised of off-fall hardwood materials
  • Tunable resilience underlayment

All-Star™ Plus

  • Portable floor system that offers quick and efficient event changeovers
  • Heavy duty design and construction for long life-span and low life cycle costs
  • Custom graphic packages for attractive team logos and gamelines


  • Specially designed uniform sprung dance floor that eliminates excessive rebound (aka “trampoline effect”) and deflection
  • Proprietary cushioned layer designed for vibration control and excellent energy return to reduce dancer fatigue and injury
  • Durable Maple hardwood performance surface with optional Marley vinyl surface