Beverly Hills High School

Gymnasium (aka Swim Gym)

Location: Beverly Hills, Calif.

Floor Type: Bio-Channel Star

Robbins Dealer: Pacific Floor Co.

Sq. Ft: 6,000

Project Overview:

A New Deal project that was made  iconic in the “pool party” scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, Beverly Hills High’s 6,000-square-foot retractable gym floor is something that professionals don’t see too often. Built in 1939, the floor lies about five feet above a 23-meter pool and retracts into the walls below concrete bleachers. Because of the water, the floor’s quality and structure had become damaged, posing some rare technical challenges: Installation of the new floor demanded exceptional expertise to avoid risking an accumulation of humidity from destroying the new structure’s integrity. Working with outstanding Robbins dealer Pacific Floor Co., who installed Bio-Channel® Star to “prevent moisture transfer under the floor and between any sleepers. We closed off the sides to protect the subfloor and we used 1-1/2″ XL-PLUS for a more stable floor. We also closely monitored the humidity in the gym,” said sales manager Mark Herthel. While the gym lacks dehumidifiers, “they have a good exhaust system to circulate the air. We also made sure the exhaust fans under the bleachers were working as the floor can be stored under them for considerable time. [And we monitored] conditions during the install.” The result? Nothing short of remarkable.

Proven Safety:

Choosing the sports floor upgrade to Robbins’ popular Bio-Channel Classic®, the Bio-Channel Star allows BHHS athletes benefit from vibration damping and control to reduce bodily stress, or fatigue, and uniform energy absorption for excellent comfort. Basketball and volleyball players can do more for longer, while City of Beverly Hills sport participants — who use the gym — can feel protected during game play.

Proven Performance:

Designed to match the feel of NBA favorite — and global-standard-exceeding — All-Star Plus portable arena floor, the Bio-Channel Star pushes athletes to perform at their personal bests, offering outstanding uniform shock absorption and ball bounce. At the same time, this durable floor system prevents dead spots over time and endures as the champ it is for years to come.

Proven Winners:

As the choice of NBA champs, NCAA title holders, Olympians and other elite athletes, Robbins creates the most biomechanically sound and best researched sports surface to support the demands pros expect — whether in a daily practice or in a finals series. Robbins is the floor system of winners.