Cincinnati Friar’s Club

Youth Development Program

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Floor Type: Bio-Channel Star; Galaxy

Robbins Dealer: Cincinnati Floor Company

Sq. Ft: 30,000+

Robbins floors have been great. They [referees] think the floor is great and not just the look of the floor, but the quality and the feel of the floor for the kids and the officials.”

Project Overview:

Acting as a safe haven for more than a thousand local at-risk youth, the Friar’s Club of Cincinnati has been serving the community since 1860. In 2014, the Friar’s Club opened the doors of its spectacular new facility, featuring more than 30,000 of Robbins sports surfaces for its sports programs. Cincinnati Floor Company is the exclusive Robbins dealer that provided global-standard-exceeding Bio-Channel® Star for four regulation high school basketball and volleyball courts and 7,500 square feet of Galaxy® weight-room flooring for an adjoining fitness center. “Any time we show anyone around, the kids are like ‘Wow,’ knowing we have a floor that NBA players are playing on,” said executive director Annie Timmons. “I think it’s good for our kids.” Working with Cincinnati Floor on the installation of the sprawling, professional-level floors was effortless and stress-free. “Everything went well. We didn’t have any issues,” said Timmons. “It was pretty quick. The whole team that we worked with was wonderful… I would say anyone looking to get a gym floor in, working with Robbins would be a positive thing to do.”

Proven Safety:

As the upgrade to Bio-Channel® Classic, the Bio-Channel Star provides the ultimate in safety to the Friar’s Club’s hundreds of aspiring athletes. “Robbins floors have been great. With the kids playing on it every day, the referees have talked to me about shin splints and all the injuries you can have from pounding the floor every day,” said Timmons. “They think the floor is great and not just the look of the floor, but the quality and the feel of the floor for the kids and the officials.” The Star’s subflooring provides vibration damping and control to reduce stress on bodies and uniformity of energy absorption for improved comfort.

Proven Performance:

As the floor of choice for many competitive university players, the children in Timmons’ sports program can prepare for serious playing. The Bio-Channel Star delivers high performance, with superior shock absorption and ball bounce. Its structural integrity prevents dead spots over time, ensuring lasting performance quality in the years ahead.

Proven Winners:

Having “kids from varied socioeconomic backgrounds coming together,” said Timmons, “is very important: Kids can have newfound friendships and learn respect for other people and life skills. Sports is a life skill and a very important teacher.” From where we’re standing, every kid in these courts are champions.