Robbins Maple Products Passes CA Specification 01350


In an effort to continue improving our products and minimize our affect on the environment, Robbins recently decided to test several strip maple products under the California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017. With the exception of one item, the other products chosen were all products that are pre-treated in some manner prior to leaving the factory. Some of these items can help to speed up the installation time or contribute to the overall health of jobsite conditions.

Robbins is happy to report that all four strip maple products that were tested have passed and are in compliance with the CA Specification 01350 standard. The four products are:

  • Unfinished Continuous Strip® XL (25/32” x 2 ¼”)
  • Factory Sealed Continuous Strip® XL (25/32” x 2 ¼”)
  • Factory Finished Continuous Strip® XL (25/32” x 2 ¼”)
  • Edge Treated (EZ-XL) Continuous Strip® XL (25/32” x 2 ¼”)

In addition to the environmental benefits, these products will allow for the above strip maple products to be in compliance with or contribute credits toward (partial list):

  • USGBC LEED Version 4, BD&C, ID&C
  • The WELL Building Standard
  • ANSI/GBI 01, Green Building Assessment Protocol
  • Green Guide for Healthcare V2.2

The new product certifications, which were tested by Berkeley Analytical lab in California, will meet the requirements of specifications that request compliance with a number of environmental standards in the education construction market. In addition, Robbins Pulastic® systems were tested in 2013 and are also in compliance with the same CA Specification 01350.

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