Case Study: Sports Center in Plano brings competitive and recreational sports opportunity to thousands of local youth each year…


The Plano Sports Authority (also known as simply PSA) in Plano, TX provides more than 70,000 local kids with the opportunity to play a variety of sports. Their motto “Rec to Select” allows PSA-1--resizedyouth at all skills levels to participate. From basketball, to soccer, to dance, to martial arts, PSA has something for everyone. And with more than 30 Robbins basketball courts installed in 3 buildings, to say that basketball plays a large role in this non-profit is an understatement. As Bill Wadley, Chairman of the Board & Directors for PSA, described “Robbins floors played a huge part in our success. We set the standard in youth sports with the selection of the floors. Tournaments from all over the country come to compete in our facilities. And I always hear them say “Why don’t we have one of these facilities for our kids?”

In just 10 short years, 3 buildings opened, and a 4th, which is expected to open in 2015, is in the works. Wadley estimates the number of kids enrolled in a sport at all 3 current locations will increase from 70,000 to 100,000 this year. And with the addition of the 4th PSA building in 2015, that number will increase even more. When asked about why the programs at PSA has such a high number of participants, Wadley attributes it to the environment “We offer a clean and safe environment for the kids to go to play sports. And it doesn’t stop there. We also have all day summer camps where kids can experience basketball, baseball, and even drama.”

Amadeo Perez of Ponder Company, the Robbins dealer that installed the floors at all PSA locations, was asked why he thought the programs have been so successful, explained “The reason PSA continues to grow is because, while others have tried to duplicate what they do, no one does it better. From the first class facilities to the way they are run, everyone comes away with a positive experience. They are jam packed and everyone I know who has children participate at these venues, talks about how much they enjoy them. It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with everyone we come in contact with at PSA.”

Not only is this non-profit focused on the success of the sports programs, they are also focused on families. “Every Saturday, I stand on the side of the courts and watch all these families with their kids – they’re participating and they’re happy. Our programs really unite communities”.

The success of PSA not only shows in their number of participants, but also in their advertising sales which is estimated to bring in $300,000 – 400,000 per year in revenue. “We started out as a small non-profit with 12,000 kids. The success is there. And how did we get all this done? It is because of companies like Robbins.”

The Plano Sports Authority facilities are truly magnificent buildings for recreational and competitive sports. They brings athletes of all levels and ages together under one roof. From basketball players to cheerleaders to pre-schoolers, Plano Sports Authority’s focus on the family through sports helps bring communities and families together under one roof, and will continue to offer many future generations the same opportunity for years to come.

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