Xavier University Enhances Cintas Center with new Robbins All Star Plus

The Musketeers Gear up for the 2011-‘12 Season & NCAA Rule Changes
Cincinnati, OH, August 22, 2011

Xavier University has geared up for the 2011-‘12 Musketeers basketball and volleyball season by installing a new Robbins All Star Plus portable flooring system. The new floor, which was installed on August 12th, is an upgrade from their previous Robbins floor that was installed in 2000 during the construction and opening of the Cintas Center. With the recent NCAA rule changes that moved the women’s basketball 3-point line back one foot to the men’s 3-point line, the upgrade occurred just in time for the Musketeers upcoming season. In addition to a updated look and new paint lines, the Robbins All Star Plus also provides increased resiliency and shock absorption for improved player safety and game play performance.

Robbins, along with Cincinnati Floor Company, has had a long standing relationship with Xavier University. The Cintas Center, which is home to both the Musketeers volleyball and basketball teams, continues to make improvements to their facility each year to remain a state-of-the-art facility, an attractive feature for both athletic and student recruits. Mike Bobinski, Associate VP & Athletic Director at Xavier, explains during an exclusive interview on their website that “we’re really fortunate to have the premier floor manufacturer in the country right here in Cincinnati, Robbins Flooring. They produced our 1st floor, and they produced the 2nd floor we now have. This is state of the art. It’s what is in the NBA arenas around the country. It is their finest floor“.

Bobinski also understands the importance of the playing surface and the impact it has on the outcome of the game, and the impact on the athlete. While the previous floor served the Musketeers well during the past 10 years, he explains that “there’s no doubt that our volleyball team and our men’s & women’s basketball teams will really notice a difference when they step on it. It’s got a great feel, really stable, has more resiliency to it than our old floor had at this point in time, so I think it’s a great upgrade for us.”

Robbins is honored to be the #1 flooring choice for the Xavier Musketeers and we wish them great luck in the upcoming season!


About Cincinnati Floor Company: Cincinnati Floor Company of Cincinnati, OH is one of Robbins’ exclusive dealers in the Cincinnati and Tri-State area. For more information on Cincinnati Floor Company please visit cincinnatifloor.com or call them at 1-800-886-4501.


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Reference: Mike Bobinski Interview Retrieved from Go Xavier Website: http://www.goxavier.com/allaccess/?media=256814