Strip Maple Flooring: Continuous Strip XL

Maple flooring has become an industry standard in sports surfacing due to its resilient nature and attractive appearance. Robbins has a variety of maple flooring surface options to fit every budget, building design, and life cycle desired including, Continuous Strip XL and Random Length. All Robbins maple products are milled to meet or exceed strict MFMA grading standards ensuring your athletic facility or arena has the best quality hardwood surface on the market.

Continuous Strip® XL

Continuous Strip® XL, the ORIGINAL finger-jointed MFMA maple, is a truly exceptional solid hardwood flooring product that provides enhanced strength and timeless beauty. This one-of-a-kind design is manufactured to produce a floor with improved stability and greater structural integrity. With these advanced technical features, XL is the premier choice when longevity and quality are among the highest considerations.

• Averages 6 1/2 feet (2.13m) in length
• Installs faster than random length
• Straighter length and higher grading results
• Patented, engineered seams give more consistent performance
• Graded to meet and exceed MFMA grading rules

Longer & Stronger Boards Continuous Strip XL is a uniquely enhanced continuous end jointing process that results in boards that average 6 ½ feet in length. Continuous Strip consists of multiple, solid hardwood, pieces that are engineered together to form one long, consistent board. This means that the typical floor will have 70% fewer end joints than random length flooring, resulting in a flooring system that is straighter and as much as 180% stronger!

Straighter & Flatter…Creates a Better Looking Floor! Continuous Strip XL is produced using our proprietary Lay Flat, Stay Straight™ process which minimizes bowed boards that create induced stresses. Our tight tolerance manufacturing process minimizes uneven tongue & groove movement between boards. This not only creates a better looking floor, it also gives the floor greater stability, both vertically and horizontally.

Environmentally Friendly: Robbins applies sustainability principles to the manufacturing of our strip maple products. Our Continuous Strip XL utilizes True Squar-Edge® technology, a tight Logo_FSCmanufacturing process which minimizes overwood, resulting in less sanding time and less dust on the job site. Continuous Strip EZ-XL can be finished with a water based finish which reduces harmful VOC emissions during installation. All Continuous Strip flooring can be specified as FSC certified wood as well. Robbins has been FSC® chain of custody certified to offer sustainably harvested hardwoods for many years. Robbins is audited annually by the Rainforest Alliance and holds Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certificate SW-COC-000720. Robbins certified hardwood is also verified and listed by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) High Performance Product Database.

Made in America: All of Robbins strip maple flooring products are proudly made in the U.S.A. From the lumber we purchase in the U.S., to our manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Michigan, consumers can be assured US-Flag-[Converted]Robbins produces the highest quality American made flooring, by Americans, with American Value.

Additional XL Package Options:

Boston Square® – For a distinctive parquet appearance, Robbins Continuous Strip XL maple flooring surfaces are available in Robbins’ Boston Square pattern. This option is also popular in combination with  straight lay flooring around the perimeter of a Boston Square main court area. Robbins Boston Square pattern is pre-cut to a specific length in Robbins manufacturing plant, ensuring consistent pattern quality and reducing installation & facility disruption time.

Portable-Competitor-Floor--Washer-Row-cropped2XLplus (Precision Lineal Uniform Spacing) – XLplus is available as a specified option on all Continuous Strip maple, this Robbins exclusive innovation virtually eliminates the need for expansion rows (washer rows) in the floor. Patent protected and visually confirmed, XLplus adds dimensional stability to the floor, eliminates the need to specify “edge-grain” maple strip, and reduces the need for unsightly, dirt catching expansion rows that can contribute to poly-ball formation.

*Note: XLplus comes standard with EZ-XL option.

EZ-XL – Continuous Strip® XL flooring revolutionized the industry when it was introduced more than 20 years ago. Now, tens of millions of square feet later, Robbins has GCUfullcourt2-croppeddone it again. Robbins’ latest innovation, Continuous Strip® EZ-XL, combines the patented technology of the original product with new proprietary technology to deliver new, unmatched benefits for the facility owner. EZ-XL allows owners to confidently specify water-based finishes on their new floors, obtaining all the benefits without the fear of expensive repairs due to panelization and side bonding.

EZ-XL allows owners to confidently specify water-based finishes on their new floors, obtaining all the benefits without the fear of expensive repairs due to panelization and side bonding.

EZ-XL Delivers:

  • No Panelization or Side Bonding GUARANTEED

  • Low Odor Installation & Less Dust for Better INDOOR AIR QUALITY

  • “Poly-Ball” Free for a SMOOTHER SURFACE

  • Faster Installation, Less Interruption & FACILITY DOWNTIME

  • Lighter & Brighter Uniform APPEARANCE

  • Better for the Earth & our ENVIRONMENT

The Science Behind The Floor Matters

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