Maple Parquet Flooring: Sportwood

Robbins Maple Parquet Flooring, referred to as Sportwood, is comprised of pre-assembled 9” x 18” panels of northern maple slats that are joined together with a flexible monofilament line on the back of the panel and adhered directly to the subfloor. Robbins Sportwood uses a single component, low VOC, elastomeric polyurethane adhesive for hold-down strength and flexibility that allows better wood expansion. Sportwood is available in two thickness options, 5/16” and 7/16” that can be installed in the traditional one-directional pattern, or in the distinctive Boston Square® parquet pattern.

East Kentwood HS Fieldhouse: Sportwood Ultra Star

Since 1982, and with millions of square feet installed, Robbins Sportwood is the perfect choice when both durability and cost are of the highest importance. Sportwood is a favorite of churches, YMCAs, schools and recreation centers across the Globe, and can easily be installed in new or existing facilities. Sportwood can be directly applied over concrete or old poured-in-place urethane floors for a low cost, low profile upgrade to the floor (see your local Robbins Authorized Dealer for restrictions on usage and need for removal or encapsulation of older urethane floors).

Sportwood is a standard surface option on several Robbins sports flooring systems including; Bio-Channel Classic with Sportwood, Sportwood Ultra Star, Sportwood Plus, and Sportwood Direct. However, Sportwood can be chosen as an alternative surface for most Robbins systems. Contact your local Authorized Robbins Dealer or Robbins Regional Sales Manager for a floor system recommendation that fits the unique needs of your facility. Or if you prefer, contact Robbins directly for more information.

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