Maple Floor Grading Standards

MFMA Northern Hard Maple Flooring is a dense, strong, remarkably hard and supremely durable product. MFMA Northern Hard Maple offers a wide range of uses and color possibilities. MFMA Northern Hard Maple is close-grained, hard-fibered, free from slivering and splintering, and polishes well under friction. MFMA Northern Hard Maple flooring has a natural beauty when given a transparent finish and is suited for a variety of uses.

Hard maple has an unusual ability to resist pointed pressure without abrasion. It is easily covered with attractive finishes.

First Grade

1st Grade: This highest grade is the clearest, most uniform in appearance and is practically free of all defects. Slight shadows and color variations may occur with the use of some finishes.

Second & Better Grade

2nd & Better: This most common grade has more variation in color than 1st grade. Clear or white boards can be mixed with amber ones. Slight streaks and knots are admitted, but not on the ends or edges of the strips.

Third Grade

3rd Grade: This grade presents a greater variation in color and contrast, accentuates the wood grain and enhances design options, including the Boston Square® option.

The Science Behind The Floor Matters

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