Sportwood® Direct

If you’ve always considered maple out of your budget range, then take a look at Sportwood Direct by Robbins. The economical choice that is durable and easily installed in new or existing facilities.  Since 1982, and with millions of square feet installed, Sportwood is a favorite of churches, YMCAs, schools and recreation centers across the Globe. Sportwood can be directly installed over concrete, or older poured-in-place urethane floors for a low cost, low profile upgrade to the floor (see your local Robbins Authorized Dealer for restrictions on usage and need for removal or encapsulation of older urethane floors).

System Feature Build up (From top to bottom):

  1. Floor Finish – MFMA Approved Finish
  2. Gameline – Gameline Paint
  3. Floor Sealer – MFMA Approved Sealer
  4. Flooring – Sportwood Northern Hard Maple Parquet Flooring
  5. Adhesive – Elastomeric Adhesive

System Benefits:

  • Very Low-Profile
  • Edge-Grain material, so it shrinks and swells less
  • Adhesive provides tremendous holding power yet permits natural movement of the wood due to changes in humidity.
  • Outstanding buckle resistance
  • Withstands the extremes of moisture and humidity 

System Height:

  • 5/16″(8mm) with 5/16″(8mm) thick Flooring
  • 7/16″(11mm) with 7/16″(11mm) thick Flooring


Reference Projects: Sportwood Family

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