Robbins pulls out an old friend to cheer on the Flying Pig runners


Robbins is pulling out an old friend to cheer on the runners at this year’s Flying Pig Marathon. Slam-Jam Suey (aka the Sportwood Pig) was one of over 400 pigs that were created by local artists during the Big Pig Gig in the Robbins--Flying-Pig-300x225summer of 2000 in Cincinnati. The pigs were individually custom designed to represent the sponsor. Slam-Jam Suey was based on the familiar Boston Square pattern, which is comprised from Robbins Sportwood flooring system.

In addition to the colorful pig, Robbins is also participating in a local art program called “Art on the Streets” which uses a new form of street graffiti called “wheat pasting”. Robbins is one of several companies in the Cincinnati area allowing Art on the Streets to wheat paste posters created by local artists on the side of the buildings along the 26.2 mile stretch. Robbins is located at the 20 mile mark. Runners in Sunday’s race will be greeted by both Slam-Jam Suey and the unique artwork.