Robbins Performing Arts Introduces Forever™ Marley- the first seamless dance surface alternative to traditional Marley vinyl

Robbins Performing Arts is introducing a revolution in Marley surfacing, called Forever™ Marley, to give dancers and performers an exceptional, seamless and repairable dance surface that can be refurbished over time at a fraction of the replacement costs.

Dancers the world over ask for Marley floors under their feet to give them support and responsiveness as well as a slip-resistant surface on which to perform. But the term “Marley floors” has come to represent any vinyl surface rolled out over an existing floor. Those vinyl surfaces have a number of issues the dance community has just learned to deal with over time such as seams with tape lines that create inconsistent surfaces, bubbling, cracking, difficulty with cleaning, and the inability to easily repair damaged or worn areas. Forever Marley by Robbins Performing Arts is the solution to all those traditional issues.

Forever Marley is a proprietary poured polyurethane that creates a thicker, seamless, uniform surface across the entire room. No seams, no tape lines, no bubbles. It can be used alone or laid over a sprung floor, which provides the responsiveness and flex performers need to reduce stress on joints and muscles.

“We’re excited to be able to introduce a better alternative to traditional Marley flooring,” said Robbins CEO Dave Fulton. “Forever Marley improves the experience on the surface for performers while making repairs and resurfacing economical choices for theaters, dance facilities and studio owners.”

With traditional Marley floors, repairs mean cutting out the worn or damaged area and essentially taping a new section in place. This creates additional seams and the potential for even more uneven surfaces, which can be a tripping hazard and cause dancer injuries.

“The top studios around the country can afford to replace their Marley floors on a regular basis. But that’s not the case with small and medium-sized facilities.” continued Fulton. “For the first time ever, studios of all sizes have the ability to purchase a premium surface that can be repaired and resurfaced easily and economically. This is a revolution for both performers and studio owners.”

As a heavier grade surface, Forever Marley holds up to regular wear and use better than traditional surfaces. In the case of worn or damaged areas, with Forever Marley, the damaged area is cut out and new material poured into the space and leveled with the existing floor to create a seamless repair. Over time, studios may choose to resurface the floor instead of replacing it for a dance surface that looks, wears and performs like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

All this and more colors, too! Forever Marley lets studio owners and facility managers choose from 17 classic colors, with a broad selection of greens, blues and reds to balance out traditional greys, beige and black. If that’s not enough, custom colors are available to match facilities and design visions. And since Forever Marley is a paintable surface, studies can choose to customize graphics on their floor to suit their tastes.

In addition to choosing from multiple colors, the surface friction and gloss levels can be adjusted to fit the preference of the facility or studio owner. Surface choices are no longer limited by the one size fits all designs of the vinyl manufacturer.

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