Robbins NEW 25-year promise makes Pulastic the perfect pick

Why should a Pulastic® floor system be the top choice for your next project? Because Pulastic’s premier seamless synthetic multipurpose and specialty sports floor systems not only offer the ultimate in form and function, but are now backed by a new, unprecedented 25-year warranty.

Pulastic, imported from the Netherlands by Robbins, Inc., is proven to be the best in resilient flooring. In fact, as the exclusive North American distributor of Pulastic for 25 years, Robbins is so confident their product will last, they are guaranteeing it for a quarter of a century.

“Pulastic has demonstrated an unparalleled level of durability and longevity; so much so that we are now offering a revolutionary 25-year limited warranty for the Pulastic Classic and Pulastic Pro families of systems purchased after March 1, 2018,” said Randy Niese, general manager of synthetics at Robbins. “This game-changing warranty reflects the long-term durability of the high-performance Pulastic design.”

The track record of Pulastic is unmatched. European installations of Pulastic began in the 1960s, with the first North American installation in 1979 at a Vancouver Boys and Girls Club. Nearly 40 years later, that Pulastic floor is exceeding end-user needs and is still utilized by hundreds of children each day. The floor is in excellent condition, meeting the original design specifications, with only minimal customary maintenance, which reaffirms the lifetime cost-effectiveness and high performance standards of Pulastic.

“The warranty puts our money where our mouth is,” said Jason Blake, Robbins’ product manager of synthetics. “We know that our product lasts way beyond our 25-year warranty. We have proven that year over year.”

Blake also noted, “If used properly and maintained properly, your floor should last the lifetime of your building, but with proper maintenance and using the floor for what its designed to be used for we guarantee it will last 25 years.”

The 25-year warranty also outlasts the typical 15-year shelf life of competing vinyl and rubber products by a decade, and there are no similar competitors’ warranties, making Robbins the leader in the marketplace once again. Competitors have tried to imitate Pulastic, but none have the same longevity.

“Pulastic was the original pad and pour urethane product,” Blake explains. “I don’t know that any of our competition in the U.S. can claim that they have a floor that’s older than 15 years of this particular product – a pad and pour product – because it really didn’t come to the United States until we brought it here.”

Pulastic’s flexibility allows for an efficient surface designed for multipurpose use. From competitive basketball, weightlifting, volleyball, pickleball and children’s scooter races, to conferences, worship services and performances, the functionality of Pulastic is far-reaching.

“The main focus of most synthetic floors is related to multipurpose use,” Blake explained. “You can do many things. It serves many, many purposes and really has very few limitations on what you can do on the floor.”

And with a lab dedicated entirely to research and development of products, Robbins has set the standard for high performance sports flooring systems that support the health and safety of athletes. Plus, Pulastic’s eco-friendly, sustainable products contain recycled content and renewable raw materials, and the water based finish virtually eliminates voc content.

The ease of installation and variety of color and design options means the Pulastic product line offers aesthetically beautiful and eye-catching floor systems to fit every client’s program.

About Robbins, Inc.

Robbins, Inc. is a privately held flooring company owned by the Stoehr family. Robbins is headquartered in Cincinnati, with sales offices in the U.S. and Canada, and manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio, the Netherlands and Wisconsin. Pulastic systems purchased after March 1, 2018 with the NEW 25-Year Warranty include: Pulastic Classic 60, Pulastic Classic 90, Pulastic Classic 110, Pulastic Pro 110 Comfort, Pulastic Pro 165 Comfort, Pulastic Pro 180 Comfort. Robbins Pulastic installations include the Richmond Olympic Oval, the University of Michigan, Indiana University, The Ohio State University, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Cincinnati and the Louisiana Recovery School District after Hurricane Katrina. For more information about Robbins’ divisions, please visit,,, and