Robbins Launches New Web Based Tool to Assist Users in Floor Selection Process

Robbins has launched a new digital tool to make it easier for users to find the best suited sports floor for their facility. The new Floor Selector tool takes users through a series of questions that will help them focus on the needs of their facility, and narrow down the results to match those needs.

According to Jamie Darpel, Marketing Manager for Robbins, there are an overwhelming number of sports flooring options in the sports surfacing industry and knowing which floor is the right fit, isn’t always an easy task.

“It is very easy for our customers to get overwhelmed and to not know if they are choosing the right product or not”, says Darpel. “We wanted to build a tool that helps guide our customers so they can have a customized experience as they search for the right floor. Installing a new floor is a big investment and a time consuming project. We want them to be confident in the choice they make.”

Robbins new Floor Selector considers several factors when taking users through the process. Facility type, primary activity, as well as safety and performance requirements are just a few of the questions users are asked.

Upon completion of the questions, users will be presented with up to 4 product recommendations. Results can be downloaded in a pdf and will also be emailed to the user for their records. They will then have the option of speaking directly with a Robbins dealer about the recommended products, who can also perform a full assessment of the facility and provide users with a quote.

“The recommended products will get users off to a great start in the floor selection journey. However, there are a lot of variables involved when selecting the final product. Slab depression, heavy load requirements, environmental conditions, are just a few of the variables that can affect the final floor selection. Due to these variables, users will most definitely want to consult with their Robbins dealer after they receive their results to get a thorough analysis of their facility prior to making the final decision”, says Darpel.

The new tool can be accessed on the top navigation on the Robbins website, or by going directly to