Robbins dealer recycles local high school floor for new sportswear retail store

Brandsen Hardwood Floors contributes to Better World Program through local gymnasium recycling…
Portland, OR, November 15, 2011

Brandsen Hardwood Floors, one of Robbins exclusive dealers in the Portland, OR area, was recently chosen to install a recycled floor from a local high school gymnasium in a major sportswear retail store that opened earlier this month in downtown Portland. As part of the Better World program, the company has committed to using recycled hardwood floors from local gymnasiums in their new and remodeled retail stores to promote environmental efforts. Terry Brandsen of Brandsen Hardwood Floors oversaw the project and worked closely with the store on the installation. When asked his thoughts on the goal they are seeking to accomplish, Brandsen stated that “they have found an excellent way to blend recycling with style and functionality. It just seems so fitting that a “retired” old floor from an institution of learning is still teaching, even in retirement! Every time a customer walks over the threshold of the new store, the first thing they will notice is “hey, this floor is recycled!” As that influence spreads, persons will be energized to see what other products out there can be re-used instead of thrown away.”

The school floor that was chosen came from Mountain View High School in Vancouver, WA. After extensive water damage had occurred in the school’s gymnasium, Mountain View chose Brandsen to install a new Robbins Bio Channel Star 5.3 with Versa Shield vapor protection. During the renovation, Brandsen took special measures to ensure the integrity of the hardwood remained intact by carefully removing the old gym floor, a low profile anchored system.

Brandsen Hardwood Floors is accustomed to working with recycled (reclaimed) wood. This family owned business has been finding other uses for the wood they carefully remove from job sites for decades now. For the Brandsen team, finding other uses for the recycled wood is not only a sensible way to protect the environment, but is also a rewarding challenge as well. As Terry Brandsen explains “Recycling has always made sense, however it hasn’t always been in fashion. Growing up in the business, we were always on the lookout for “good wood” that was being thrown away. These old floors, doors, and trim boards would be rescued from trash heaps and find their way into our home remodel projects. As our gym floor business developed and we landed contracts to replace large gymnasiums, it made perfect sense to continue this recycling into a field where the expectation was that you were going to back up a big dumpster and throw all this wood away.“

The staff at Evergreen Public Schools, the district where Mountain View HS is located, was excited to learn their old floor had been recycled and used for other purposes. The new store will have a significant meaning to the kids at Mountain View who have made many memories on the old court. And while the sentiment of the project has been very important, equally significant was the satisfaction of both customers. Brandsen worked diligently with architects to ensure the new floor was designed to fit the needs of the school, while also addressing the moisture problems in the gymnasium. In a letter of recommendation from Susan Steinbrenner, Director of Facilities for the Evergreen Public School System, she stated that “The recent floor replacement project was very challenging. We had several other projects going on simultaneously, so coordination was critical. We wanted to achieve a performance floor system even though the existing floor had a very low profile. Resolving the moisture problem at the slab surface was also a concern. Brandsen helped us find solutions during the design phase and the project came in within our budget and time constraints. We are very happy with the service that Brandsen Hardwood Floors has provided over the years and recommend them for your upcoming projects.”

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