Pulastic® SP 140

Contributes to LEED CreditsEN Certified

PULASTIC SP 140 is a puncture resistant, highly shock absorbent, premium surface specially engineered for indoor running-spike usage. As one of our toughest systems, Pulastic SP 140 is the preferred choice for professional and non-professional indoor track and field usage. Pulastic SP 140 can also double as an excellent multipurpose surface. The system is comprised of a 10mm shock pad combined with our GM/SP resin, providing one of the most comfortable, shock absorbent, puncture proof surfaces in the world. Pulastic SP 140 is a standard for competition track construction.

  • 14 mm
  • Point Elastic
  • Approved P2 according to EN 14904
  • F.I.V.B. (International Volleyball Federation), F.I.B.A (International Basketball Federation) and I.H.F. (International Handball Federation) approved
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

System Benefits:

  • Resiliency for comfort and injury prevention
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and the ability to be resurfaced
  • Contains recycled content and renewable raw materials
  • Water based finish virtually eliminating VOC content
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and outstanding wear resistance for minimum life-cycle cost and maximum usability
  • Outstanding ball bounce
  • Wide color selection
  • Pulastic SP 140 is perfect for Indoor applications including; Track & Field, Multi-purpose, Basketball, Fitness, Volleyball, Training Centers, and Ice Arenas

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