Eureka High School

Athletic Buildings

Location: Eureka, Mo. (St. Louis County)

Floor Type: Bio-Cushion Classic; Pulastic Classic 110

Robbins Dealer: Missouri Floor

Sq. Ft: 6,000

“I had a coach pull me aside the other day raving about how nice the new floor is … the reaction from parents and players has been amazing.”

Project Overview:

After the Meramec River flood destroyed the floors of Eureka High School’s two gyms and wrestling and aerobics rooms in early 2016, Rockwood School District immediately turned to Missouri Floor Company to assess the damage and start replacing the floors — after having had a regretful incident with a non-Robbins floor and installer at another district property. “After the bad experiences we had last summer, we learned how important it was to have someone who was knowledgeable about sports floors,” facilities director Chris Freund shared. “Most contractors will say they understand sports floors, but they do not.” Freund knew he needed a proven floor system and a trusted solution provider to install the safest sports surface for growing, active teens that would also optimize their physical performance. The flooring needed to hold up to heavy foot traffic as well, as the community rents school facilities for their own events; the gyms are constantly in use. The response to the new flooring has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. In fact, Rockwood School District chose to continue its relationship with Missouri Floor and install several Robbins floors in other schools because of the positive impact they’ve seen.

Proven Safety:

Robbins’ commitment to reducing athlete fatigue, risk of injury, and intensity and length of injury is a cornerstone of why we exist, and Eureka High’s elite new sports flooring for keeping student athletes (and the community) safer hasn’t gone unnoticed. “I had a coach pull me aside the other day raving about how nice the new floor is,” says Freund. “The reaction from parents and players has been amazing.”

Proven Performance:

With top Robbins picks Bio-Cushion Classic and Pulastic in place, Eureka’s athletes and their coaches can push them harder and further: The Bio-Channel Classic is the sports flooring industry’s first biomechanically designed and tested suspended floor system, engineered for exceptional comfort and performance; it can also be “tuned” to be more resilient and minimize negative impact on players. And the Pulastic lends itself to superior multipurpose performance.

Proven Winners:

As the top choices of universities and elite athlete facilities across the globe, both the Bio-Cushion Classic and the Pulastic Classic 110 deliver safety and performance that can be felt and seen: felt when athletes are at their best, and seen in the volume of championships.