PR: Oregon State University selects Robbins MVP for new state-of-the-art practice facility


What do Texas A&M, the Toronto Raptors, and now Oregon State University all have in common? They all practice on the most innovative sports floor on the market- Robbins MVP. After 3 years and $11 million in fundraising, the new $15 million practice facility was unveiled to the public this week during the official opening ceremony on June 11th. The impressive 34,500 sq ft, 4 story facility features two Robbins MVP basketball courts on the first and third floors for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The second and fourth floors include coach and program staff offices that offer panoramic views of the new courts. Both the men’s and women’s MVP floors feature the new Beaver’s logo as well, which was officially released earlier this year.

Oregon State’s new floors were installed by Robbins dealer in Oregon, Brandsen Hardwood Floors. Practice in the new facility will not officially begin until late July, however the initial feedback has been very positive. Terry Brandsen, Project Consultant for the Oregon State project, stated  “I have been very pleased with this floor. It is one of the quietest floors we have ever installed, and virtually zero creaking & OSU-womens court- MVP-resizedpopping that is typically associated with many other gym floor types!”. Robbins knows the importance of a well designed sports floor and the effect it has on performance and safety. The fatiguing effects of vibration on athletic performance are well understood in other sports like running, skiing, and swimming. Only Robbins has applied that understanding to improve sports flooring designs for athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities. The human body is a highly sophisticated system that responds to impact force through muscle adaptation, or “muscle tuning” to significantly reduce vibrations. When muscle vibrations are controlled, player comfort is improved and energy is conserved. Less fatigue means athletes stay fresher, longer….which is what Robbins’ MVP flooring system delivers.

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Robbins is honored to be the #1 flooring choice for the Oregon State Beaver’s and we wish them great luck in the upcoming season!


Brandsen Hardwood Floors is Robbins’ exclusive dealer in the Portland, OR area. For more information please visit or call them at 1-503-775-0034.


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