PR: New logo, new floor, new conference… Creighton Blue Jays off to a good start in the Big East!


Creighton University made its official move into the Big East Conference on July 1, 2013, and for the Blue Jays, joining a new conference wasn’t the only big change they had in mind. During a public ceremony last month at the CenturyLink Center, the Blue creighton blue jays new floor-2Jays unveiled their new Men’s basketball floor, a Robbins All Star Plus portable, along with a brand new logo design as well. Creighton, who has been a long-time supporter of Robbins, had their first Robbins floor installed in 1983. Additionally, Creighton installed a Robbins Bio-Channel Star system at the Ryan Athletic Center in 2012, which is home to the Women’s Volleyball and Basketball teams.

Robbins is not the only ones excited to see the Blue Jays enter the Big East Conference. The combination of the new floor, logo, and conference has stirred up quite a bit of buzz, and hope, for this Midwest school. The men’s basketball team was a runner up for the USA Today Coaches Poll Top-25, along with the women’s volleyball team which was also just outside the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Top-25. And not only are the Blue Jays teams making quite a name for themselves, but so are individual players, most notably, Doug McDermott. McDermott, in his senior year, has passed up an opportunity to enter the NBA in order to compete in his final collegiate season with fellow teammates and coach, who happens to be his father, Greg McDermott. The Bleacher Report, did a ranking of “The Most Unguardable Players in NCAA Basketball for 2013-14 Season”, and McDermott was their number one choice. Between his “quick release, and mind-numbing shooting accuracy”, means that it will be hard to find a defense competitive enough to stop him.

Maximizing performance and minimizing athletic injuries in athletes like Doug is Robbins’ highest priority. Robbins knows the importance of a well designed sports floor and the effect it has on performance and safety of the athlete. For this reason, the 30 year relationship with the Creighton Blue Jays is no coincidence.  They understand Robbins commitment to continuously advancing the technology that goes into the development of sports floors, so that any and all athletes are performing at their most competitive level. Robbins strives to develop champions with each floor installed,creighton blue jays new floor-3 and believes that Creighton University is developing champions with each Robbins floor they play on.

With that, Robbins congratulates Creighton on joining the Big East Conference and wishes good luck to all the Creighton teams in the coming season! Go Blue Jays!

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