Mach-1® HL             

A version of Mach-1 Classic designed for “High Loads”.  This system combines the Robbins Mach-1 Classic system with a continuous layer of subfloor to create the Mach-1 HL floor system for greater loading capacity.  Beside, the increased load potential, the Mach-1 HL has greater uniformity performance rating from test point to test point.  

System Feature Buildup (top to bottom):

  1. Finish – MFMA approved Finish
  2. Gamelines – Compatible Gameline Paint
  3. Sealer – MFMA approved Sealer
  4. Flooring – Robbins 25/32″(20mm) Continuous Strip® XL Finger-Jointed(FJ), MFMA Northern Hard Maple Strip Flooring
  5. Flooring Fastener – 2″(51mm) staples or cleats
  6. Subfloor – 1 layer of nominal 7/16″ or 15/32″ x 48″ x 96″, exposure 1, structural rated sheathing
  7. Anchor – anchor spike with anti-squeak sleeve
  8. Subfloor – Factory assembled and drilled Bio-Cradle subfloor
  9. Resilient Pad – 7/16″ Bio-Pad 
  10. Vapor Retarder – 6-mil polyethylene film

System Benefits:

  • Anchored for superior game play and dimensional stability  over time.
  • High rolling load ability
  • Very Uniform in performance

System Height:

  • 2 5/8″(67mm) with 25/32″(20mm) thick Flooring
  • 2 7/8″(73mm) with 33/32″(26mm) thick Flooring

Reference Projects: Wood Floors

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