Louisville Cardinals has a floor fit for a CHAMPION

At Robbins, it’s not just about the # of basketball teams that play on our floors, it’s about the # of champions that are developed along the way. Designing and building the best sports floors in the industry is our passion, as well as our commitment to the long term health and performance of the athlete. For the University of Louisville Cardinals, this was never more critical than in the current 2012-’13 season when the #1 Oteam in the nation defeated Michigan to win their 3rd NCAA Championship Title. In an interview with ESPN immediately following the championship game, Coach Pitino commented on the strength of his team by saying “This team is one of the most together, toughest and hard-nosed teams,” the coach said. “Being down never bothers us. They just come back.”  And what amazing come backs we have seen! Having their fair share of obstacles along the way, the Cardinals showed what true determination and strength look like after losing #5 Kevin Ware just 1 week before the final four from a horrific leg injury. Instead of giving up, they pushed through beating Duke 85-63 and advancing to the final four. In the last 2 final games against Wichita State and then Michigan, Louisville was down more than 12 points at halftime during both games, only to come back in the 2nd half and win.

Both the Louisville men’s and women’s basketball teams play their home games at the KFC Yum! Center which opened in 2010 with a brand new arena for the city of Louisville and the university. When it was time to choose a floor for the new facility, Coach Pitino specifically asked for the same floor that the Charlotte Bobcats play on. That floor is a Robbins All Star Plus portable floor system. Since 2010, Louisville has consistently gotten stronger, making it all the way to the final four in 2012, and finally bringing home a 3rd NCAA championship title in 2013. Louisville won all of their home games except 1 this past season- and they did it all on a Robbins floor.

Robbins had other reasons to cheer during the NCAA tournament. Of the 4 men’s teams that made it to the final four, 3 of those teams play on a Robbins court including Michigan, Wichita State, and of course Louisville. In addition, both remaining women’s teams, UConn and Louisville, which compete in the Women’s NCAA tournament tonight, also play on Robbins floors. Because of the excellence we strive for in building the best floor system on the market, at Robbins, we not only build floors, we build champions. Beneath the surface of a shiny hardwood floor with gamelines and school logos, is a well engineered subfloor consisting of just the right amount of mechanical features that provide protection for the athlete. The subfloor build-up is critical to the longterm health of the athlete since the floor can have a significant impact on joints, muscles, and the endurance of the player. Proper construction of the floor is a science, and with over 100 years of continued improvement to the mechanics of our floors, Robbins understands what is necessary to achieve a floor that not only looks great on camera, but also improves performance and enhances endurance of the athlete. For this reason, a broad list of players including; Luke Hancock, Trey Burke, Anthony Davis, Michael Jordan, and many others not only start their career on a Robbins floor, but continue it as well.

We congratulate Coach Pitino and the Cardinals on a great season and much deserved championship title. Let’s see if we can bring home another Robbins victory tonight when the Cardinals take on the Huskies in the Women’s NCAA championship game!!


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