Gym Floors at Eureka High School Restored Just in Time for Last Basketball Game of the Season

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After several days of torrential rainfall poured onto the city of Eureka, MO in late December 2015, the Meramec River reached record levels, wreaking havoc on both the buildings and the residents EHS Flood-resized in Eureka, a city just outside of St. Louis. Among those affected was the Eureka High School athletic building including 2 gyms and 1 multi-purpose room used for both wrestling and aerobics. After the rain had stopped, about 1” of water covered the floors of the Eureka High School athletic building. As we all know, wood and water don’t mix. 28,000 sq. ft of athletic flooring was ruined.

The Rockwood School District went into emergency mode and contacted their insurance provider for approval to restore the flooring to their gymnasium.  Then, they contacted Alex Verseman at Missouri Floor Company, our local dealer in the St. Louis area, and invited him to visit the Eureka High School athletic building and assess the damage. When asked why they chose to contact Missouri Floor Company, Chris Freund, Director of Facilities for the Rockwood School District, explained “Missouri Floor Company has a great reputation for quality work in the St. Louis area. We knew Alex Verseman and had used him and his knowledge about sports flooring as a resource in previous years.”

In the midst of the basketball and wrestling season, the Rockwood School District set a goal to have the gymnasiums restored before basketball season was over. Missouri Floor Company and Robbins was up for the challenge. While another contracted company began the removal process of the damaged floors, the Robbins manufacturing plant in White Lake, Wisconsin worked additional shifts to ensure the materials were produced and shipped to meet the deadline. 21,700 sq ft of Robbins Bio Cushion Classic with MFMA Northern Hard Maple was ordered for 2 gyms, Eureka HS Gym- After- Resizedas well as 6,500 sq. ft. of Pulastic Classic 110 ECO for the wrestling and aerobic room. The main gymnasium was successfully restored and was used for the girls last game of the season on February 25, 2016. “Alex has been a pleasure to work with. He clearly understands the importance of getting things done in a timely manner. With a project like this, the gym floor was not the only thing being replaced. He did a good job at coordinating with other contractors and the school to make the installation as seamless as possible.”

Because of the dedication from the Missouri Floor team, the girls’ basketball team walked away with a win that night, both on and off the court. The reaction from players, coaches, and parents about the new floor has also been very positive.  “I had a coach pull me aside the other day and was raving about how nice the new floor is. The reaction from parents and players has been amazing. We are thrilled with the new floors!”

Robbins and Missouri Floor Company was honored to be a part of the process that not only restored the gymnasium, but also restored the many activities that are conducted in the athletic building by the students, coaches, and community in Eureka, MO.



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