Durathon® Elite Track


Durathon® Elite Track takes you FARTHER & FASTER than ever before…

From the most trusted name in sports flooring, Robbins brings you Durathon Elite, a high performance rubber track surface designed for SPEED and DURABILITY. With surface texture options ideal for competition track & field, and multi-purpose activities, Durathon Elite is designed for today’s modern fieldhouse. Durathon Elite can be installed indoor & outdoor, providing consistent and familiar training surfaces so your athletes can train and compete on a single fast and comfortable surface. By virtue of its dual durometer construction, Durathon Elite Track provides excellent force reduction to PROTECT athletes from long-term micro-injuries; while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic PERFORMANCE. Its durable vulcanized surface provides excellent performance characteristics for spike and non-spike use.

  • Durability to withstand heavy rolling loads from bleachers
  • Excellent resilience and shock absorption
  • Comfort to provide superior energy restitution
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Suited for any budget

Standard build up from top to bottom:DurathonEliteTrack_Product_Callout

  1. Durathon Elite Track Dual Performance Layer
  2. Durathon Elite Heavy Duty Adhesive

Durathon Elite Track Features:

 Hardness Shore A Upper/Lower:    55/40 Shore A
 Compression Set:    90
 Tensile Strength:    4.3 Nm
 VOC Compliance:   Pass 
 Spike Resistance:    Very Good
 Color Stability:    Good
 UV Resistance:    Good
 Stain Resistance:    Good
 Thickness Options:    6,8,10,12,13.5 mm




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