Durathon® Elite Infield

Durathon® Elite Infield provides excellent force reduction to protect athletes from long-term injuries while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic performance. Durathon Elite Infield rubber flooring is ideal for field house use, recreation or community center activities including fitness, basketball, volleyball, track & field, and other multipurpose events. Its durable vulcanized surface provides excellent performance characteristics for spike and non-spike use.

 Hardness Shore A Upper/Lower:    60/40 Shore A
 Compression Set:    —
 Tensile Strength:    —
 VOC Compliance:   Pass 
 Spike Resistance:    —
 Color Stability:    Good
 UV Resistance:    Good
 Stain Resistance:    Good
 Thickness Options:    6,8,9 mm

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Reference Projects: Rubber Floors

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