Bio-Cushion® ELP                                    

BioCushion ELP is the perfect choice for a facility renovation project that requires a low profile floor.  ELP’s 1 ½” profile means that it can be installed with minimal ramping or other costly facility modifications.  ELP is also a great choice for a private fitness studio or home gym.

System Feature Build Up (top to bottom):

  1. Finish – MFMA approved floor finish
  2. Gamelines – Gamline Paint
  3. Sealer – MFMA approved floor sealer
  4. Flooring – 1/2″ Continuous Strip® XL Finger-Jointed(FJ) Northern Hard Strip Maple
  5. Flooring Fastener – 1 1/4″ staples or flooring cleats
  6. Subfloor – 3/4″ thick subfloor sheathing
  7. Resilient Pad – 1/4″ Zero/G Shock Pad
  8. Vapor Barrier – 6- MIL polyethylene

 System Benefits:

  • Low-Profile
  • Fast Action
  • Value-Engineered – to provide a cost-saving alternative to generic plywood and pad systems, with no compromise in quality or service.
  • Designed to install quickly – Less facility disruption
  • Environmental Stewardship – With Robbins Continuous Strip® XL450™ maple…consume a third less raw materials

System Height:

  • 1 1/2″(37mm) with 1/2″(13mm) thick Flooring


Reference Projects: Bio-Cushion Family

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