Strata® Neat

Contributes to LEED CreditsEN Certified

Strata Neat is a high quality epoxy resin that provides strong chemical, mechanical and stain resistance qualities. This seamless and solvent-free resin is perfectly designed as a durable protective Strata-Neat-Buildupcoating on concrete surfaces with normal to heavy wear. Strata Neat is ideal for parking garages, workshops, loading ramps and more. This concrete floor resin offers a perfect utilitarian surface for many areas within the educational, commercial, or industrial environments. With application of either of two optional surface finish coats, (gloss or matte finish), Strata Neat can be enhanced by adding outstanding abrasion resistance and UV enhanced color stability.

Strata Neat Product Features:

  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Standard Matte aesthetic finish (optional Gloss finish)
  • Slip resistant surface option
  • Durable, impermeable and seamless
  • Solvent-free, neutral odor
  • Economical utilitarian choice
  • Available in various standard colors as well as custom colors


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