Strata® Boutique

Contributes to LEED CreditsEN Certified

Strata Boutique is a resinous flooring system destined to generate striking first impressions. Boutique’s multi-dimensional, pearlescent designs bring depth and life to lobbies, retail areas, Strata Boutique2-resizedmuseums, and other high visibility spaces. Strata Boutique draws and maintains its stunningly distinctive aesthetics from its high-build aliphatic polyaspartic sealcoat containing special metallic pigment(s). This makes for a highly customizable appearance, very adaptable to a building’s individual decor and design, leaving no limits, only possibilities. 
The outstanding durability of the surface polyaspartic sealcoat, (i.e., chemical, stain and abrasion resistance, and UV color stability), assures lasting beauty and low life-cycle costs. Strata Boutique delivers on the promise to achieve seamless impact with vibrant, sophisticated colors that are long lasting and need little maintenance.

Strata Boutique Product Features:

  • Architecturally impactful floors
  • Design freedom to compliment a building’s decor
  • Beauty with long lasting durability
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Low VOC
  • Available in various standard color patterns


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