Galaxy® Ultra

Galaxy® Ultra is manufactured in a dual-layer format.  The top layer consists of virgin blend rubber with a 10% marbeled accent pattern, vulcanized to a bottom layer of SBR recycled rubber.  The textured top wear layer is durable. and provides a non-porous, safe , and resilient floor finish.

Galaxy® Ultra is made from virgin-blended rubber vulcanized to a recycled bottom layer.  The top layer is  a solid color with a marbeled finish offering a safe, resilient and durable surface.  Satisfying both style and function, its performance is unmatched in sports flooring.  Designs from the simple to the complex can be tailored to your facility’s unique style.

System Feature Build up (From top to Bottom):

  1. Vulcanized rubber with a marbleized finish
  2. Adhesive

Standard Tile Length & Width*:  1 meter x 1 meter (39.4″ x 39.4″)

Standard Thickness:  10 mm

Also Available:  iLock Tiles

Installation:  Glue-down or loose-lay

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Reference Projects: Rubber Floors

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