Bio-Channel® Classic for Performing Arts


The Bio-Channel Classic Performing Arts Stage Design is the proven choice for theater and performing arts facilities. Facilities such as the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, OH, Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, AZ, and The
Borland Center in Palm Beach, FL have relied on Robbins Bio-Channel Classic for years to provide a solid performing foundation for their dancers and performers.

Bio-Channel Classic for Performing Arts is a proven choice for theater stages when the floor must meet the performance demands of dancers, as well as withstand the impact from set design construction and equipment. Bio-Channel Classic combines the structural and dimensional stability of an anchored flooring system, with the safety and comfort of resilient flooring for dancer safety. A plywood sleeper floats on 7/16”(11mm) Green Bio-Pad within a steel channel that’s anchored to the concrete floor, creating a uniform surface with the right amount of vertical deformation and shock absorption. For the surface, Robbins MFMA maple is typically selected. However, other surfaces such as tempered hardboards or vinyl may be utilized. Please consult your Robbins  Regional Sales Manager for the correct system build up.

Regardless of the situation, Bio-Channel Classic for Performing Arts will meet the needs of any project with stringent requirements for performance and durability.


System Benefits:

  • Excellent comfort and resilience
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Continuous 3/4″ subfloor
  • Lateral movement of subfloor
  • Shimmable for different slab depression heights or out-of -level slabs

System Height:

  • 3″(76mm) with 25/32″(20mm) thick Flooring
  • 3 1/4″(83mm) with 33/32″(26mm) thick Flooring

Reference Projects: Theater & Dance

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