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Tough. Stable. Solid.
Sportwood by Robbins is a tough, environmentally stable, solid maple floor product that will enhance the appearance of any indoor athletic facility.  Sportwood is milled  to feature a unique edge-grain cut that results in a flooring product that is more resistant to everyday wear and tear than traditional strip flooring. The edge-grain feature of Sportwood results in a floor that is more dimensionally stable and reacts less when exposed to excessive changes in environmental conditions.  Less reaction to excessive swings in environmental conditions brings peace-of-mind to any facility manager who cares about the durability and appearance of a high performance athletic flooring system.
Sportwood Performs!
REAL wood! From REAL trees!
Why buy a sheet vinyl floor that looks like fake wood when you can have real solid wood in your facility?  Sportwood is a great alternative to sheet vinyl with a wood-grain appearance.  Unlike vinyl floors that look like wood but have a fake, repeating floor pattern, Robbins Sportwood is a real MFMA wood floor system with the natural beauty and characteristics of maple Sportwood systems last longer and can actually be less expensive to install, and over time with proper care and maintenance. 
Amber Warners
Head Volleyball Coach, Calvin College 
Four-time AVCA Division III National Coach of the Year
Since the floor helps prevent fatigue and soreness, our volleyball players aren’t wearing down as easy and they stay fresh. I can push them harder because they can take more. With the old floor, seniors would complain about being ‘old & broken’. New seniors don’t complain or say this anymore. I have also noticed when we go to other gyms for games or tournaments, my players are more sore and need more ice than when the play at home.
John Weir
President/CEO + Principal Architect
McCool Carlson Green Architects
The main reason we use Robbins floors is for its performance. We recommend it for most projects, if not all projects. The overall product performs for 30 years plus, so it has a longevity built inside of it. We use Robbins Bio Channel as a basis of design in our specifications. Its overall product tends to be superior to other manufacturers. We really appreciate that kind of relationship. It is important to us.
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Sportwood is handcrafted in Ishpeming, Michigan by the proud employees of Robbins Sports Surfaces.

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Sportwood® by Robbins

Sportwood is recommended for use in Multi Purpose Gymnasiums,  Community Recreation Centers, Group Fitness, Aerobics, Performing Arts, Worship Centers, and more!
Sportwood can be used as a surface option on numerous high performance Robbins systems. Besides being an attractive and tough floor system, Sportwood can also provide the same benefits in terms of safety, comfort and performance found in many of Robbins highest performing systems.
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One Surface. Many Styles. Multiple Uses.
Sportwood is a standard surface option on several Robbins sports flooring systems including; Bio-Channel Classic with Sportwood, Sportwood Ultra Star, Sportwood Plus, and Sportwood Direct. However, Sportwood can also be chosen as an alternative surface for most Robbins systems. Sportwood is available in two thickness options, 5/16” and 7/16”, and two grade options, MFMA 2nd & Better and 3rd & Better. It can be arranged and installed in a variety of style & pattern options including;
Traditional one-directional pattern
Boston Square® parquet pattern
Multiple stain and color finishes
Can be combined with Robbins synthetic floors for a true multi-purpose area
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Thousands of adults and children have played & practiced on millions of square feet of Sportwood flooring across the globe. Click on the Request Information button to become 1 of a thousand that love it!