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A Versatile Player


Pulastic® systems are completely customizable for the athlete, activity and application

Robbins specialty synthetic gym floors include a variety of uniquely designed Pulastic® systems. This seamless, multi-purpose sports floor provides comfort and safety for all levels of competition, along with increased mechanical strength for outstanding wear resistance.

Pulastic floors start with a 100% recycled rubber pad at their base for shock absorption, which provides extra comfort and helps with injury prevention. Next, layers of poured polyurethane create a seamless, non-porous and smooth sports surface. No seams mean no weak spots that often cause other systems to fail. The result? A durable and resilient surface that performs well for decades.

Available in 16 standard colors and 16 specialty colors, and with the option for custom colors and logos, a Pulastic sports floor captures school spirit and becomes a source of pride for generations of students, athletes and fans.

A Pulastic® floor is always in top condition and can be used safely and reliably for many decades: 

  • Outstanding mechanical strength and wear resistance for long life cycle and maximum usability
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and resurfacing that restores the surface for a fraction of the cost
  • Multi-sport and multi-purpose for high flexibility and favorable ROI
  • Wide range of modern colors with outstanding color-fastness for striking designs that last
  • Sustainability through high content of recycled and rapidly renewable raw materials

A Proven Winner Year After Year

Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins loves to provide high quality sports systems to schools. Robbins was the first to bring athletic-friendly floors to the U.S. market and is the leader in padded polyurethane sports flooring with over 400 million feet installed globally. With more than 40 authorized dealers across the U.S. who install Pulastic, you can always depend on local, high-quality installation and service.

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Pulastic® floors offer the safety and performance all athletes seek:

  • High shock-absorption level to minimize impact on muscles and joints
  • Perfect balance between friction and slide for consistent and effective movements
  • Outstanding ball bounce for optimal performance
  • No glare for clear visibility of the line marking from anywhere on the floor
  • Excellent contact noise reduction and thermal insulation

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Pulastic Standard Color Options

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