Strata Comm Floor Systems

Strata Commercial flooring are ergonomic and decorative flooring products which can provide design flexibility for any project.  This new technology gives our customers an unmatched freedom in creative design. This impact absorbing and aesthetically pleasing flooring comes in three lines, Strata Commercial EP, Strata Commercial PA, and Strata Commercial PL. To view the full line of Strata Comm products, click here to download the catalog.

Strata Pro


Strata Pro is a seamless, fluid applied floor system with a prefabricated rubber basemat that provides excellent sound reducing qualities and comfort, making it an ideal choice for applications throug ...

Strata Deluxe


Strata Deluxe is a fluid applied, seamless, resinous floor system specifically designed to increase comfort and lessen fatigue. Strata Deluxe prevents issues commonly associated with floor seams such ...

Strata Quartz


Strata Quartz is a seamless epoxy floor composed of broadcast ceramic coated quartz that provides a durable, lightly textured surface with excellent stain and chemical resistance, excellent abrasion r ...

Strata Flake


Strata Flake is a seamless epoxy floor with multi-colored flakes that has a highly decorative appearance along with great chemical, stain and abrasion resistance. ...

Strata Boutique


Strata Boutique is a resinous flooring system destined to generate striking first impressions. Boutique’s multi-dimensional, pearlescent designs bring depth and life to lobbies, retail areas, museum ...

Strata Neat


Strata Neat is a seamless and solvent-free resin is perfectly designed as a durable protective on concrete surfaces with normal to heavy wear. Ideal for parking garages, workshops, loading ramps and m ...