Equine Flooring

From Bluegrass Country to the Middle East, from the surgical recovery room to the stable, Robbins provides surfaces for equine and large animal clinics around the world. Robbins offers several surfaces, both standard design and custom design to meet the surgical and recovery room requirements of large animal veterinary clinics.  Robbins also offers attractive and tough flooring solutions for equine stables, zoos, kennels, circus events, and other animal facilities. Contact your local Authorized Robbins Dealer or Robbins Regional Sales Manager for a floor system recommendation that fits the unique needs of your veterinary or animal facility. Or if you prefer, contact Robbins directly for more information or to request a sample.

*Floor system recommendations made for facilities on this website are general recommendations only.  Robbins encourages clients to collaborate with their local Authorized Robbins Dealer and Robbins Regional Sales Manager to develop specific floor system recommendations.  Decisions regarding product suitability may be based on user performance requirements, facility design, project budget and local environmental conditions.

Durathon® Classic Animal


Durathon Classic’s special animal blend adds anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents into the material, creating a floor that not only has a greater resistance to bacteria, but has the industry’s hi ...

Pulastic SP Track 160


SP Track 160 is a high-performance track system, that doubles as a high-end surface for other indoor sports activities. ...

Pulastic SP 140


SP 140 is a high-performance sports floor ideal for indoor multipurpose activities, as well as indoor spike use, such as track and field. ...