High School Gym Flooring

Robbins offers a variety of floor systems suited to meet the needs of any education facility.  Our wood and synthetic flooring products can outfit every room in the school including; gymnasiums,  auditoriums & theaters, multipurpose rooms, weight rooms, field houses, locker rooms, and even outdoor or indoor running tracks. Robbins can comprehensively meet the requirements of any school district’s new construction or renovation project. Furthermore, many of Robbins products are 3rd party certified, so specifiers and purchasers can be confident that they are making the right decision when choosing a floor to enhance the safety, comfort and performance of their student athletes. Contact your local Authorized Robbins Dealer or Robbins Regional Sales Manager for a floor system recommendation that fits the unique needs of your facility. Or if you prefer, contact Robbins directly for more information.

*Floor system recommendations made for facilities on this website are general recommendations only.  Robbins encourages clients to collaborate with their local Authorized Robbins Dealer and Robbins Regional Sales Manager to develop specific floor system recommendations.  Decisions regarding product suitability may be based on user performance requirements, facility design, project budget and local environmental conditions.

Bio-Channel SB


Bio-Channel SB is the latest innovative sports floor system by Robbins. The continuous interwoven subfloor design “bottoms” out on itself during heavy rolling or static loads. ...



One of the Newest sports floor systems is Defender by Robbins, an anchored resilient system featuring a factory assembled sleeper panel that includes sleepers and cross braces with a stronger engineer ...

Eclipse (Anchored)


Only Robbins could have packed this much performance into a single flooring system. Introducing Eclipse, a COMPETITION CLASS GYM FLOOR built to withstand the rigors of every-day use. But not only tha ...

Eclipse SB (Anchored)


If your facility anticipates a lot of heavy rolling loads, the Eclipse SB system is for you! Eclipse SB takes the standard Eclipse system and adds a floor load handling feature to it. The "SB" stands ...

Bio-Cushion Classic


The sports flooring industry's first truly bio-mechanically designed and tested suspended maple flooring system, Bio-Cushion Classic has become one of the most popular resilient systems available. ...

Sportwood Ultra-Star


Sportwood Ultra Star is solidly constructed of beautiful MFMA Parquet edge-grain northern hard maple and features an adaptable, "tunable" underlayment. Elastomeric urethane adhesive bonds the maple Sp ...

Pulastic Classic 90


Classic 90 is a "workhorse" floor, designed to provide favorable athletic performance qualities in conjunction with the necessary toughness to serve as a general purpose floor. ...

Pulastic Classic 60


Classic 60 is an "economy design" floor providing basic sports playing characteristics with the quality and longevity of associated with Pulastic. ...

Strata Sport Plus


Strata-Sport is an "economy design" floor providing excellent resiliency for sports activities as well as characteristics of quality and longevity for most multipurpose activities. ...