Durathon® Classic Animal


Durathon® Classic Animal


Durathon® Classic’s Animal Floor System by Robbins provides unmatched resilience and tear resistance plus superior strength and longevity. Durathon Classic’s special animal blend adds anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents into the material, creating a floor that not only has a greater resistance to bacteria, but has the industry’s highest physical properties in a sheet rubber product. Because of its strength and resiliency, it provides a safe, yet durable surface, that is perfect for veterinary hospitals & recovery rooms, kennels, equine facilities, stables, zoos, circus events, and other animal facilities. Durathon Classic is also designed to withstand extreme weather changes, heavy traffic and the toughest abuse, while maintaining its strength and appearance year after year.DurathonClassicAnimal-resized


System Features:

  1. Unmatched durability and tear resistance

  2. Special animal blend with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties for easier maintenance

  3. Designed to withstand extreme weather changes and abuse from heavy traffic

  4. Provides a safe & comfortable surface in animal recovery roomsDurathon Classic- Animal- resized


Durathon Classic Animal Flooring Specifications:

Hardness Shore A Upper/Lower:   55/40 Shore A
Compression Set:   90
Tensile Strength:   4.3 Nm
VOC Compliance:   Pass
Spike Resistance:   Very Good
Color Stability:   Good
UV Resistance:   Good
Stain Resistance:   Good
Thickness Options:   6,8,10,12,13,14 mm